Hello guys,

Good news – English Extension Course (EEC) of Sanata Dharma University has a new magazine now! This magazine is called “ECHO”, which stands for EEC’s Homefolk. The ECHO crew has chosen the name in hope that the EEC family will use the magazine as a medium for echoing all of the EEC activities in order to make  EEC better and more widely known in the future.

There are several different types of features that will be included: profile of the month, opinion of a hot issue, stories, students and alumni experiences, alumni testimonial, important announcements, and so on. Both EEC students and lecturers can participate. So, if you have written some interesting stories, experiences, or anything else, send them directly to ECHO email: It will be highly appreciated and subsequently shared with others. Thank you.

ECHO crew


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March 2017 -Cross Cultural Understanding

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